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"Thanks But No Thanks"

Joey Barton has used his twitter account to dismiss speculation linking him with a move to Goodison Park.

The 28-year-old midfielder was inevitably linked with a move to his boyhood club when contract talks between Barton and Newcastle broke down this week.

But the troublesome midfielder has utilised his twitter account to dismiss a the rumours.

@Joey7Barton: Finished playing golf, 72 not bad. Came in to questions about joining Everton??? I don´t want to leave Newcastle but thanks anyways……..

The midfielder went on to lambast his employers, claiming he hasn´t been offered a new contract and he feels unwanted at St. James Park.

"I will tell all [about the situation] when the time is right, basically they want a younger, better, cheaper player…………cant blame Mike and Derek can you?

…….slight problem is, they dont want to spend any money or pay any wages. Its genius really ha ha

I am an employee so have to be careful here. Everyone knows i´d love to stay, i get on with Pardew fine and are dressing room is 1st class..

if am not offered a new contract, my hands are tied. I will continue to do everything in my power to bring a trophy to St James next season"

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