A Voice In The Crowd: Helen Davies

We´ll be starting our new fortnightly ´voice in the crowd´ feature with the brilliantly talented 17-year-old Helen Davies.

Helen, a member of our forum where she posts under the username ´hsd´, regularly wows fellow fans, and indeed… Landon Donovan himself with her amazing artistic ability. If you haven´t already, be sure to check out some of her superb Everton speed drawings over at her dedicated YouTube channel here .

How long have you been an Everton Fan?

Helen: Unfortunately only a few years.

How did you become an Evertonian?

Helen: Everton was influenced upon me through various people I spoke to and, as my family aren´t really football fans, it was easy for me to become a fan after seeing how they seem to be one of the few truly passionate clubs.

Your favourite game (and why)?

Helen: Everton V Man City, 2-1, 20.12.10, mainly because it was really nice to see Everton beat my home town´s club and have the joy of being able to brag at many friends of mine. Also because of the two great goals by two of my favourite players!

Your favourite current player (and why)?

Helen: Leighton Baines. Reasons being the loyalty he has for our club, the fact he´s a vital part of our team, and he´s been one of our best performers this season, I´m sure it´d be hard for many people to disagree.

Who is the greatest player to have ever played for Everton in your lifetime?

Helen: I´d like to say Alan Ball but as there´s only been 17 years to go by, it´ll have to be Duncan Ferguson.

And the worst player?

Helen: Earl Barrett…

The most obscure name and number you have owned on the back of a shirt?

Helen: I feel bad to admit Baines is the only name I´ve owned on a shirt! Sorry, guys!

Since you have been following Everton, what would your best eleven be?

This will be very similar to the first team at the moment…


GK. Howard
RB. Coleman
CB. Heitinga
CB. Jagielka
LB. Baines!
RM. Arteta
CM. Fellaini
CM. Rodwell
LM. Bilyaletdinov
CF. Cahill
CF. Saha

Q – Pineapple on Pizza?

Helen: Just, no. Not ever.

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