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Heitinga ‘A Proud Evertonian’

John Heitinga has this evening declared himself to be a ´proud Evertonian´.

The 27-year-old responded to allegations of disloyalty on his twitter account by reassuring fans his focus is on Everton and that he considers himself to be a proud Evertonian.

Heitinga has fallen out of favour with a significant proportion of Everton fans who have become sceptical of his questionable loyalty after several seemingly ´come and get me pleas´ immediately after his appearance in the World Cup Final.

Speaking in May, Heitinga commented;

"I have no next employer in my head, but I would still like to reach the top. The chance that I could go to Liverpool is certainly very small but joining another English club seems nice. And if Barcelona comes, I´d go on a bicycle with a large flag to get there.

"There is a return to Ajax also in the planning, but it should be no farewell tour. I would come back to win some more, otherwise it makes no sense".

"Of course I hear left and right [about transfers] sometimes. But there is still nothing concrete.

Manchester City has ambition and I am open to a big club. But I have a four year contract which is well paid so I will focus on Everton. I really like it there."

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