Match Thread Wolves v Everton, Sat 11/8/18 17:30

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Actual preview will appear here if @MarcelsGoat sends it to us :p

In the meantime (and in case goat can't) thank God football is back. We will hopefully have half a new squad, largely Catalan.

Let’s be honest we’ve needed it though eh?

This'll be a toughie, with Woles looking quite sorted, buying up as many Portugese players as possible, and surely odds on to stay up.

Last weekend Richarlison and Digne looked good, so hopefully once all our new potential signings bed in we'll have a totally different outlook than 17/18 left us with.

Important to be patient folks, it won't be overnight.

Wolves 1 - 3 Barcelona B


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Leaning towards a 2-2 draw myself. I saw some predicting we'd keep a clean sheet in the Richarlison chat presser yesterday - I mean do they even watch us? Wolves played some lovely football last season with a very adaptable 3-4-3 formation. We'd be fools to underestimate them really, particularly Jota. They are the best newly promoted side that have come up in a fair few years.

On the otherhsnd, I hate how their yam yam fans sing "Hi-ho Wolverhampton" pre-match. It's cringeworthy. For that, they should forfeit.
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I'm worried that we will play gana and Morgan in midfield again,, not be able to move the ball forward and not be mobile enough to challenge for it in midfield.
I hope Silva has figured out you can't play Morgan and gana together.
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