Match Thread Wolves v Everton, Sat 11/8/18 17:30

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Player Valuation: £15m
I’ll take a draw as a lot of our new signings won’t be playing,i’ll be turning my phone off too as i know a hell of a lot of wolves fans,got to say i hate them as much as liverpool with the stuff they coming out with.


Player Valuation: £70m
With the squad as right now, we lose.
Need those centre backs in the next few hours to take anything away from home against anybody as things stand.


“Just isn’t good enough, lad”
They're like the Portugal u23 team.
They'll come out of the blocks fast and score in the first 5 mins and be all over us for the first half. Everyone will fume.

We'll do them in the second half. 2-1 the blues!


Player Valuation: £20m
Smash and grab 1 nil to the boys in blue with Oumar wellying one in with his shin from the bench

Dublin blue 75

Player Valuation: £2.5m
Given the number of new faces, never mind our current centre back pairing, a clean sheet is highly unlikely. Will go with a high scoring draw (heart) but head says narrow 2-3 defeat..


Player Valuation: £20m
Going on our current team I expect a fairly heavy loss. They’ve brought in a lot of new players but some of them have the quality to create and score goals. The players have bought scream attack, when Schneiderlin is trying to play crab football they will just take it off him.


Player Valuation: £25m
Don't buy in to the hype about this lot, although I fully expect them to get off to a great start when we turn up there as winning away against sides we should/will finish ahead of doesn't happen regularly.


Potato Multi .... Soon

I don't think Bernard will be able to go straight into the first team immediately to lack of a pre-season which is a shame


Clique Spokesperson
Actual preview will appear here if @MarcelsGoat sends it to us :p

In the meantime (and in case goat can't) thank God football is back. We will hopefully have half a new squad, largely Catalan.

Let’s be honest we’ve needed it though eh?

This'll be a toughie, with Woles looking quite sorted, buying up as many Portugese players as possible, and surely odds on to stay up.

Last weekend Richarlison and Digne looked good, so hopefully once all our new potential signings bed in we'll have a totally different outlook than 17/18 left us with.

Important to be patient folks, it won't be overnight.

Wolves 1 - 3 Barcelona B
Better than I would have done.

6-0 Wolves, Moutinho with 5.


Impossible to predict but Wolves have bought well and this will NOT be easy.

I would take a draw right now.
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