Who has been our best player in this Premier League season so far?

Who has been our best player this season so far?

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Player Valuation: £8m
Had to give my vote to DCL, not just for his goals but for his overall hold up play, pressing, defending from the front.
Keane is a very close second


CRUSH the plotters



Player Valuation: £10m
Couldnt argue with Mickey Kegger or DCL - both have been fantastic, but I went for big Mick.

Nearly went for Doucs, just cos I think he brings so much to the midfield and has been what we have been crying out for, for years. Allan would have been in the running but for the injuries.

God Benfrey has been absolute quality and looked a player wherever we have stuck him, so he gets a honourable mention.

Big yerald also deserves more credit - much improved.

Can't wait to see what Carlo can do with a few more of his own players in the side - onwards and upwards toffees!

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