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Doucoure a major doubt for them, they are keeping it quiet to see if he can make. Massive for us if he’s out.


I also think we can win in my head, we are better than Watford, this is a team who in its greatest ever season finished 2nd to Everton in its only ever cup final and a team that has probably never finished above us EVER.

Even in a good season they are 2 points ahead of us. They aint all that at all, of course our current form suggests we wont get much, but that certainly doesnt mean I dont think we can win, at our best we beat these.
Agree quote one. But would ask you why, ( with their current squad and semi unknown manager, ) they are pulling the points out in so many games.

The binman chronicles

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I am looking forward to this with as much zeal as having root canal treatment without any anesthetic.

We need some points desperately. I'm not banking on the team to do the job so I've turned to God to give us a miracle instead. Amen.


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If Marco had a set, he'd pin Deeney's comments from a Watford fan event to the walls above every locker at Finch Farm and in the changing rooms at Vicarage Road as a motivational tool, as a way of saying to them 'this is what they want to do to you, up to you to put them in their place'


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From what I’ve seen from them and us recently I think they could easily beat us, it all depends which Everton team turn up. Unfortunately it’s happened so often where we give a top team a game and then poor against a lesser team.
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