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If this game mirrors the Wolves result then he has to be gone. How can he stop the freefall ?

There seems a massive desire for stability, from Brands, from The Board, from certain fans, like me, certain people are really "bored" with sacking managers and starting again, year after year, but this man has really got to start helping himself.

The players all seem behind him, im seeing nothing to suggest they have downed tools, but its on him whether or not he gets sacked or not, as I say, I struggle to see where our next points are coming from.

Big Fat Sam

Silva out.

Hopefully this is the game that does it (unless of course he magically stumbles across a winning combination of tactics and players that makes it look like he's got a 250m squad at his disposal).

If we look just like we normally do, I want Watford to ream us and have their fans laughing at Silva come the final whistle.

The writing must be on the wall then.
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