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Members - I recognize this isn't entirely Everton related, but I was planning on gracing you with my presence at some point in the fall. I've been to Liverpool, but not to a live match at Goodison. Regardless, I was hoping to turn this into a greater trip. Would love to attend a bunch of matches at different venues both small and larger over a 3-4 day period around the Liverpool/Manchester/other area. Any suggestions? The current fixture dates all simple have every match on Saturday, obviously that will change with Caribou Cup and other competition scheduling, but any idea when those changes start to come out?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Tv fixture changes for August and September come out this Friday (5 July).

Other dates in the attached picture. Those are key for knowing when games are moved.


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That's the point, I could come ANY date. Was thinking end of September, but am totally flexible. Probably leaving the wife and kids at home, maybe show up with a buddy or two, etc. But you start waiting a bit and airline tickets go up, etc.
Normally use to plan my summer trip to the UK for the last week of August, so it includes the summer bank holiday monday. On the monday you guaranteed there's a full programme in the national league. Don't know if you fancy that though. Personally had some of the best days at that level.

Also normally there's a cup competion being played over that period. Used to be the League Cup, but changed that to the Football League Trophy for the last few years. Again, not sure if you're up for that level of football, but if it's grounds you want, I'd concentrate on the fixture list for these dates.
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