2019/20 Tom Davies


Player Valuation: £60m
I am a man of a certain age, I don't know about social media GOT excluded, I only like musicians who are dead, my idea of a haircut is a 4 on the sides and 6 on top. I don't like the way Tom Davies dresses which is as it should be. Carry on Tom all is well with the world.


Player Valuation: £35m
He can dress like speedo mick for all I care, the term first world problems springs to mind when discussing Toms clothes.


Player Valuation: £1.5m
State of this, going out of his way to promote the club's good work when he could be running up sand dunes.

that video right there tells you everything you need to know about the lad. He comes across as genuinely interested and wants to help people who are in a vulnerable place - and local people at that.
He can wear what he likes, but he’s still the same caring, talented individual regardless of what clothes he’s got on.

And for the record - I don’t think he’s a great player either, but I’d never judge him on clothes or spending his holidays in nyc. What a Nobhead way to think.

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