Thomas Gravesen aka Mad Dog

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There will be thousands of Gravesen stories lol

My favourite, personally was when we had that mad game against Kharkiv at Goodison, after the game we were getting pictures in the car park and Gravesen came out and chatted to us. Told us beat up the ref when he left the stadium, before Victor Anichebe got chance lol

He wasn’t joking of course , I could only imagine the hysteria if that happened these days and was caught on film

Edit - not to mention it wasn’t exactly like we got robbed either, I think we had 3 pens and they finished the game with 9 men. Just Andy Johnson kept lashing his pens in the street end, the one he did score was ordered to be retaken, that was the issue
pretty sure he had left us before the Kharkiv game ?

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He only had the first-half of that season. I agree he was very creative in that time, but we banked 4th without him and aside from those few months he was as much a strongman in midfield as he was a ballplayer.

Back then we didn't have streams of every game so I only had MotD or whatever the ITV thing was called, plus our live-TV games. Wasn't physically at any games myself. But that's my Gravesen impression and I'm willing to settle on the compromise descriptor of ball-playing midfield enforcer with a strong tackle (oo'er!) who had a golden creative period in the first-half of the 04/05 season.
When he left we were 12 points clear of 5th . The gap was closed significantly in the second half of the season

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run of the mill players like carsley and jags carrying proper footballers like graveson and lescott???????????

Fellaini overrated?????????????????????

I absolutely despair of our fanbase
Agree with most but carsley was far from run of the mill for us .


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hi all,
hope you’re well.
i'm an author based in glasgow, and i'm writing about a book on the life and career of thomas gravesen - otherwise known as mad dog.
he was a colourful character, on and off the pitch, a very interesting guy - playing here for celtic but also everton, hamburg and real madrid.
i've spoken to ex-players and managers who worked with him, but i was trying to reach out to any fans or punters who had memories of him, or even met him or know of any of his crazy antics, which are legendary.
i’d be able to give you a credit in the book of course or even quote you direct possibly.
i’m just trying to pull together as much material as i can, as i feel football is missing real characters now and thomas was such a great guy, so it’s from a fan’s point of view about how much of a maverick he was.
thanks a lot - cheers.
Pretty certain I have seen a picture of him teebagging a team mate. Hey, you could possibly use that as your book cover. Just saying

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Met him once, when he came into my work, with Joe - Max and Radzinski. He came up to me first, to be served and I said 'Hi Tommy, How are you?' He said 'I don't know you', I thought he was joking so said 'You play for Everton' He replied 'Not tonight I don't, now get me a drink'. I just put it down to a Danish sense of humour or something. The other two just rolled their eyes and then chatted to me about the season and the new signings, I think Gazza had signed too.

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