Thomas Gravesen aka Mad Dog

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I'm sure there was a game at The SOL when Moyes took him off after 20 odd mins was either that or he was getting sent off

It was Walter Smith, he went through someone after like 2 minutes, went after him again 2 minutes later and got a yellow. Then he went after someone else and amazingly never got sent off. We took him off shortly after.

The game was notorious for being allowed to play. The snow was so thick you could barely see the Yellow Ball, you definitely couldn’t see the other end of the pitch without squinting.

Was unbelievably dangerous around the ground. No idea how the game was allowed to take place.


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Liked Gravesen, determined, gave his all and really did have ability. Definitely someone I remember and will stick in my mind.

Only two real 'mad dogs' I've ever seen in my 40 years though.......Ferguson and Van Der Howe!!!!!!!!!!


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Barry was a more reliable and complete midfielder than Graveson, but McCarthy doesn`t get anywhere Carsley ( imo )

But what you have to remember is, in the 5 years leading up to McCarthy we suffered Heitinga, Neville, Rodwell and Segundo Castillo in an attempt to fill that anchor man position with no success. To have that solidity in there after so long felt like heaven, even though it was fleeting.

The Legend of Southall

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3-2 that game finished where Schmeichel scored at the end. I think Tommy did score a boss goal though that game. I'll find the link Ron
I was absolutely fuming about that. We had absolutely battered Villa that game, to the point that 5-1 should of been the scoreline. Then he popped up with virtually the last kick of the game, 3-2 and suddenly it looks like a close game. Certainly didn't help that thanks to clever MOTD editing, it certainly looked an even contest. And the pundits where only interested in giving Schmichael plaudits, instead of recognising how well we had played. I mean this was a good Villa side at that time.

I don't think I'm completely over any that yet, to be honest... :blush:
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