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The appalling communication skills of Everton FC

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by davek, Nov 13, 2017.

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  1. davek

    davek Player Valuation: £70m Forum Supporter

    The communication of overall strategy is an ongoing disgrace at this club. We see it on display now with the managerial situation. It's been a disgrace for years and its got no better under Moshiri. The club seem to think it ticks a box by meeting up with a hand picked group of poodles called The Everton Forum and the small shareholders association every blue moon.

    What has gotten worse under this new ownership regime, though, is their use of intermediaries who have little or no direct relationship with the club to dose out bits of message for them:

    The stadium: the communication we "rely" on for that are an American stadium designer who may or may not get the job of designing a new stadium should it ever happen, and from a local mayor who appears just to like the sound of his own voice. The promised key principles document of a few months back? It's delayed for what reason? We dont know...they wont tell us. They wont tell us because they see no value in telling us. It just adds complication for them, so they keep us in the dark. Then they and their dwindling band of supporters wonder why many of us are sceptical about the whole project.

    Now we have the managerial situation: an utter shambles from a PR point of view. The last thing we heard on the subject was a message handed to us via SSN stating basically "dont hold your breath on an announcement". Nothing from Everton. We, three weeks to the day that Koeman was sacked, have been given no further information. We're presently just shy of a relegation place and knocked out of two cups already with European qualification for next season pretty much beyond us, and we dont even know if the man they slotted in for four games is taking us on or whether a new manager is under consideration.

    I doubt there's any other club that would treat its fans this way. It's a disgrace of an organisation at the top - an utter midden of a club for communication.
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  2. matty1878

    matty1878 Player Valuation: £70m

    It's ALL kenwright mate the whole lot
  3. evertonarntwe

    evertonarntwe Banned Banned

    what do you think on schneiderlin though?
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  4. orly

    orly Make of THAT what you will

    Everton asked me to pass on a message @davek

    They say hi
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  5. davek

    davek Player Valuation: £70m Forum Supporter

    I know mate. The easy get out clause those who support this new clown turn to.
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  6. davek

    davek Player Valuation: £70m Forum Supporter

    I have a message for them. It begins with F and ends in off.
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  7. LouReedwalkonthewildside

    LouReedwalkonthewildside Pie dinner, loadsa gravy Forum Supporter

    Jim White is probably on holiday dave, that's why it's gone quiet.
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  8. orly

    orly Make of THAT what you will


    But weird that, is it code ?
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  9. davek

    davek Player Valuation: £70m Forum Supporter

    Jim White: who;d have thought a buffoon like that would be de facto Everton head of communications?

    Have those people in the Everton comms department got no pride whatsoever?

    Their job is to do one thing: communicate to the fanbase what is happening at the club and they are a ghost ship of a team.
  10. Lord Buckethead

    Lord Buckethead Player Valuation: £6m

    I don't know what you expect the Club to say about Managerial appointments until one is made.

    Do you want them to tell us who is on their list?
    Do you want them to reply to every random name thrown up by the press or on here?

    Usually Clubs stick to the facts in their announcements.

    They will tell us who the manager is when one is appointed.
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  11. chrismpw

    chrismpw Player Valuation: £35m

    Agreed. It's like trying to support the kremlin under soviet Russia.

    On the plus side, far fewer itk s chatting bubbles.
  12. orly

    orly Make of THAT what you will

    In all seriousness I agree with you.

    There is little or no long term plan and, quite remarkably , the Jim White situation shows that things have actually got worse under Moshiri - these really are new depths.

    Why is Keith Harris on the Board? No one knows. Why do we have loads of boring "Tom Davies does the Tango" messages from Everton every time we lose, he could be in the latter stages of Strictly by now for all the jigging he has been doing.

    I suppose it must be a bit like being Lewis Hamilton's comms manager. Difficult and unlikable subjects, best not to say much at all.
  13. The binman chronicles

    The binman chronicles Player Valuation: £40m

    It is crap but I don't think it's exclusive to our own club, look at Arsenal, the Wenger contract situation last year and now this year with Sanchez and Ozil.
  14. Thomasc

    Thomasc Formerly known as By God I'm Blue

    ****Incredible irony alert****
  15. Boss_Blue

    Boss_Blue I will find you and I will bum you

    You do know that this is a discussion forum don't you?
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