Summer Transfer Window 2019

Everton's Transfer Window

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Player Valuation: £70m
The cull is on. Show no signs of weakness Mr Brands. Stand brave and continue this wave of brutality.
Brands keeps having to hold his phone away from his mouth to stop the Geordies hearing him sniggering when trying to offload Bolassie onto them for actual money..


Player Valuation: £20m
It has value absolutely. But it is also not very useful if you can't do your job. It's like if you were working in tax and your firm sent you to school but instead you learned about auditing. You'd understand the auditors job better but if you still can't do tax it doesn't matter much. Learning is learning I agree that there is always value but at some point Holgate needs to learn to be a CB or he will be learning to play for a new club.
Yes - I think that with you now agreeing there was value to be had to the loan, we can absolutely agree too that if he isn't good enough to play for us he can head off into the sunset. Hopefully the CB learning elements that some still see as missing can be picked up at FF under Silva and his coaching team.


Formerly known as By God I'm Blue
It's really simple. RB is not the same as CB and playing RB doesnt make you a better CB. They're different positions and while they share some skills it isn't enough to say Holgate is now a better CB because he had 10 good games at RB.
Really? No s##t Sherlock!

Players can have the ability to play in more than one position at different stages of their development and careers,

The point I made was that he got some good experience and was playing regular football in a very competitive league, but because it was at right back you are saying it’s irrelevant lol completely dismissive of the fact that it could improve his all round game.

If the management at Everton see him as a centre back going forward, then that is where they will develop his game towards playing.


Player Valuation: £10m
Thought he looked alright in pre season last year but we need cullings so anyone can go at this point, Hope he does well.
From the little I have seen of him including last season. I didn't think he pass to save his life and wasn't surprised he'd been sold.


Player Valuation: £10m
Fort brands was all about playing the kids but not now antoneeeeee was class he shud be playing not baines wot a joke get out of my club NSNO Liverpool sold solanke for £19m typical undisclosed fee probly 500 grand we are embarrassing
Who's embarrassed?

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