Summer Transfer Window 2019


Player Valuation: £70m
Yeah, hes totally gonna call in his loans and make the club a dead duck, cos thats defo what a successful businessman would do.


And you talk about drinking the koolaid, battery acid is your drink of choice I suspect.
Eh that’s very often what successful business men do.

You can believe what you like mate, makes no difference to me, it’s irrelevant.


Player Valuation: £70m
The Vlasic sale won't count on the books, the year ended already.

Again, WHO CARES ABOUT THE LOSSES? Mosh already paid for it.

We'll reduce our salary after this summer and be fine.

What risks is Moshiri taking exactly? The club literally has no debt except to him. The line of credit maybe. The guy is worth several billion $$$$. He is hardly going to need a couple hundred million. If he wanted his money back, he'd sell the club. Say he does. Worst case scenario is he sells and someone else richer takes over.

Usmanov has his name on Finch Farm and all over Goodison. He wouldn't be investing in the club if he didn't like the trajectory, he would've invested someplace else.
We changed our accounting year from June to June last week mate.

May to June this year obv.

So Vlasic will be in the coming accounts.
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Player Valuation: £60m
Eh that’s very often what successful business men do.

You can believe what you like mate, makes no difference to me, it’s irrelevant.
Loading something up with debt and then immediately pulling it out just to make a quick penny is something that Trump would do and I see Moshiri being a bit different in character.

Seriously though sports teams are basically printing money right now. As long as we avoid relegation, we will be worth three times as much if he looks to sell in 10 years. Building the stadium just makes that number even bigger which is why he's going to try to do it with public money.

Transfers though. Let's get a striker in. Haller preferably.


Player Valuation: £8m
There is absolutely no way Esk would have met Moshiri and kept it under wraps. He retweets himself ffs, he loves attention.

The only public interview Ryzanstev has given?? That's not right is it? He did that massive one on the stadium recently.

He did a interview with toffeetv as well if I remember correctly, about the new kitbag deal.

Brett Angell Delight

Player Valuation: £8m
Thanks mate.

But honestly, ive seen stretches in my time, but thinking that Moshiri would suddenly turn round and say "Hey lads can I have my 300m back", is quite amusing to me.
Or indeed for him to think that the club would actually have that much cash/liquid assets on hand to repay him even if he so desired it.

Darth Toffeeman

Player Valuation: £50m
My take on the whole Moshiri / USM ownership is that Everton is a marketable commodity based within a far larger scale project on the Liverpool waterfront.

The purchase of BMD and the Liver building where the 1st stages of a huge regeneration of the area.

The exposure and global interest in the Premier League brand makes having a successful club a key ingredient in a far greater scheme.

These people are so wealthy that I doubt they are concerned about losing the odd 100m+ at this stage if the overall aim comes to fruition.

The money involved in this 'game' is so incomprehensible these days.

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