Summer 2018 Transfer Window

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Big Fat Sam

Player Valuation: £70m
I don't have any stats, but I really have the feeling we test the opposition goalkeeper far too little in most games.

Most people would say our football in general has improved a lot, and the likes of Bernard, Sigurdsson and Richarlison will always be a danger to the opposition.

Gomes and Gueye do a brilliant job in midfield and I'm more than satisfied with our defensive options.

That said, despite our attacking players being dangerous, we really overplay a lot and either fluff most of our chances or have them snuffed out by the opposition. This is a big problem.

Tosun is not good enough, and the same applies to DCL and Niasse. Richarlison has scored the goals but nobody is sure if he's the answer in the leading attacking role as he's so good on the left.

We need a deadly finisher who can also play cute football. Who that is is anybodies guess, but I hope Brands has got that type of player on his radar.

Tosun is too slow and not good enough with his feet for our system.

DCL isn't a finisher but can improve in the future, but imo never will be a genuine starter for us up top.

Niasse will be sold asap.

Striker desperately needed to turn tight games in our favour. Five draws already this season - joint second highest in the league alongside United, and one behind Southampton.

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