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Our lion hearts are home bodies . I do not think they would go very well in Europe. In fact the last time the lion hearts ventured so far from home, they downright embarrassed themselves. Until we sort out the squad’s collective proclivity toward homesickness, I reckon it’s best we swerve long trips away from Goodison


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Bit gutted we aren't getting 7th. With that off my mind I'm now more anxious than ever regarding this upcoming transfer window and next years squad. The bloody potential if we have a good window is so exciting. But I can easily see it not going our way and us losing Gana, Gomes and Zouma... Just the thought of those players not being here next season is so devestating. Come on Brands, smash this window and lets get europe next year!


Player Valuation: £2.5m
Wolves will get battered by the RS on the last day but will certainly beat Fulham at home next week and that will be enough for them to get 7th.

I'm certainly one who wanted us to be in Europe next season but not blind to see there's advantages of us missing out this time around, but I'll be suprised to see us break into the top six next season so we may be having this same discussion about finishing 7th this time next year.


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The club isn't ready to play in Europe at this juncture, everyone knows it. The cement will still be wet in July. Fingers crossed that everything comes together and we've got our team next season and we start playing in Europe regularly again after that and actually making a go of it.

Europe is boss but we saw last season what happens if you have to go in via 7th place after a summer overhaul. Let's knock the overhauls on the head before we start trying to play teams like Lyon again eh?


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The best thing that can happen to us is missing out on 7th. Im sure players can't wait at Wolves to start again in July ! Every team that's competed in the Europa League have regretted it apart from those that are equipped for it, ie Arsenal, Chelsea. Not us nor Burnley this season, Watford or Wolves next. Let's build a good squad and see what happens.


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it doesnt
Well, I guess if you’re comparing it to competing for the very top spots then I suppose you have a point. But I think we have to dial down any such ambition...and in the absence of that, a stoush between the other also-ran clubs is the most we can look forward to. Sadly, the domestic cups are well out of our reach....we don’t have the character to mount any serious challenge...we lost to Millwall FFS...
So, best of the rest comp it is for Everton imo..and having accepted that, I will embrace that reality with a modicum of nervous excitement
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Player Valuation: £70m
Wolves have overtaken us within a year of being in the Premier League.

They were 7th favourite for the title this year and are already 7th favourite for the title next year.

Everything is hunky-dory.

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