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Europa ta. Give us 8th this year. Dont want any excuses for next season. We have shown at home we can beat the best-ish. Let's see how far this group of lads can get with no distractions next season. I would rather we can walk properly before trying to fly with diddly wings.
The point is do you want 7th and EL (the season after).


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I think 8th is about right given our torrid form post Analfield derby. Accept it and let's move on. Not ideal I know but use the final quarter of season as a stepping stone. We could still beat Spuds but I don't see Wolves dropping any more points.

Lee Smith

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Disappointed for two reasons. 1, I wanted Europa League, and 2, I wanted Wolves to need something at Anfield last game of season. They'll prob roll over for them now as they will more than likely have 7th wrapped up by then


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We've not been good enough over the full season to deserve Europe.

Next season we need to make sure we are.

I think finishing 8th/9th like we will now can only be seen as underachieving because if it wasn't for such a half arsed 3 month period we would have strolled to 7th. So no two ways about it, to be beaten to 7th by Wolves is really disappointing


looks like progress has been made the last month or so, let's hope we finish on a high and hit the ground running next season.


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In an overall disappointing season the fact that we are in with a decent shout for a Europa League spot is hilarious
In all seriousness, I’m quite happy for us to miss out on 7th. Don’t get me wrong I want us to finish as high as possible, but I feel a smooth and uninterrupted summer would be good for us. A normal pre season with a squad with hopefully a lot of deadwood cleared, new faces added and some U23s promoted will put us in a much better position for next season overall, When all (or most) is hopefully sorted with the squad I expect 7th as a minimum next season - I really think we can kick on if have a successful summer and sadly the qualifying stages and group stages of the Europa League can be so damaging

street end

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I like the thought of 7th, but I do think we need a summer of not being interrupted, not starting the season in July. Like others have said spend the time clearing the team of dead wood, give the players the rest needed, get the transfers in early and have a solid pre season


Player Valuation: £70m
It's gone now and it's very likely for the best. Really pleased.

I want nothing to do with that competition until we're well under way with getting Silva's ideas properly drilled into the side, and we've shipped out the deadwood currently sucking millions out of us. Having a game every three days really doesn't help with the process of building confidence in a new way of playing, as that work will be done at finch farm, not in some Eastern European no-marks' athletics stadium.

I'd be stunned if this doesn't seriously hamper Wolves' progress and leave them weak and vulnerable as the vultures circle this time next year.

Obviously we need to be in European competition eventually, but the Europa is a stepping stone to the champions league, it's not something we should be as made up to be in as we might have been 10 years ago, especially as we should all know now what trouble it can cause.
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