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  • hello mate, are those tickets for Chelsea still available? can pick them up at west ham or wherever! Cheers.
    Sorry I meant what part of Liverpool are the tickets in? And do you happen to know if they're 2nd or 3rd tier?
    As long as its no hassle for me as i'm just doing my mate a favour. if you can arrange for family to come and pick them up you can have them
    no I'm in Yorkshire. But if that's a problem I have family in Liverpool that might be able to help me out.
    Me and my boy are STH's but not enough away credits to get tix. Man City's only an hour's drive for us, so it'd be a great day. Have an Evertonian friend with a kid as well, so could be perfect.
    Hi I'm interested in the 2 adults 2 kids Rev! How do we connect? Posted on the forum but it's waiting for moderator approval.

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