2022/23 Sean Dyche

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What 'ransom'?

And no, Allardyce should not have been approached.

His record of being a survival expert has gone now, he took West Brom down even though he was given 22 games to save them.

He's crap, he's part of the issues at Everton - spending £50m on Tosun and Walcott ffs. Dyche probably won't be much better.

FWIW, both Dyche and Allardyce have one relegation to their names.
I saw Allardyce turn our season around whether you agree or not.

If Dyche does the same kudos to him

Frank was the most backed (by fans) and worst manager we have ever had based on nothing. If we give the team and Dyce half the backing I’m pretty positive about our survival
I genuinely do understand why people think Allardyce is a better option than Dyche. right now I dont think there is a better manager we could get that could keep us up

Dyche Dyche Baby


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