Sam Allardyce

So, what next?

  • IN. Give him a chance and see what he can do?

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  • OUT. Thanks but no thanks. See Ya?

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  • As ever. Cheese on Toast

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  • Er, I am a bit scared of us Evertoning this right up.

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He thinks we have been entertained jesus. I'd hate to see his boring football. Someone posted earlier in this thread(can't seem to find it) about all his managerial appointments and sackings and one thing that stood out to me was he has never finished a season with a positive goal difference yet he's considered a defensive coach. Unfortunately he forgets about the attacking side of the game as well.

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I cannot believe that a decision has not been made and Sam made aware of it long before now. It is after all the biggest and most important decision the club will probably make this year.
If Sam is going to leave I think the club will leave the manner of his departure to Sam. I don't believe we will hear that Sam has been relieved of his duties instead I think Sam will be allowed to say that he has completed the task that was given to him but , he has decided to retire or whatever reason he chooses to give.
If that is the scenario then he will probably see out the next couple of games and then make the announcement to leave within a day or so of the end of the season.

If Sam is leaving and a new manager is not ready to step in immediately then that is an enormous blunder by the board in what will be a very short window... which leads onto the question what is happening with Brands/Walsh and who is in charge of recruitment ?

What is the schedule for pre season.. we would normally know most of that long before now... are they waiting for a new manager to announce it ?
This the most confusing of times. At times I think far too much is being read into every word that is said and that the decision has been made and Sam is staying for the next season.
Then you look at the lack of information, lack of clarity from just about everybody at the club and you wonder is the whole club in a holding mode until after the last game before huge changes are made.
I'm not sure I'm with you in this one mate. Are you saying that you think the club has made a decision, have told Allardyce, but have decided not to make this information public yet until they have a definite announcement on his replacement?. Or are you saying that you can't believe no decision has been made on his future yet?

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All’s I can say is that, the City game in ‘14 aside, I could never want Everton to lose a game.

That said......I felt totally empty and devoid of my usual chirpiness, joy and satisfaction walking out of The Park versus the Barcodes and again when the Huddersfield result came though on Jeff Stelling’s show last Saturday.

It was like meh....NEA.

If he is still here in August, and for the life of me I see no indication he will be sacked, I am going to have a good hard think about the one sided love affair I have had with EFC since Harold Wilson was in Downing Street.

Day by dreary day I am falling out of love with EFC and everything about this club right now is making me care less and less about it.
I never want us to lose any game full stop, even if it stops that lot winning the league. I wasn't too unhappy at the City game in question because I thought we put up a very good performance on the night against the best team in the league that season. We deservedly took the lead and continued to take the game to them at times and, I thought, were unlucky not to get something out of the game. We had a go and got beaten by a better team; it happens and there's no shame in that. It was far cry from the performances we put up this season against City. The fact that it did help towards Liverpool not winning the league made it a little bit more palatable perhaps, but at the time I'm sure we still had an outside shout at champions league qualification, so the general feeling amongst fans baffled me if I'm honest.

There's no way I want Southampton to beat us tomorrow. In fact I want to be the team to put the nail in their coffin and see them relegated. The antics out of them a couple of seasons ago when we took Koeman off them. Some of our fans have got short memories. The result against them tomorrow will have no effect on whether Moshiri decides to keep Allardyce as manager. But he has shwn in the past that he does take notice of what the fans think with both Martinez and Koeman. It's up to us to make our voices heard tomorrow that we won't entertain another season under this manager, either during the game or afterwards on the lap of appreciation.
Allardyce has said he believes he has got the majority of the fans behind him now. Tomorrows last home game of the season is really the last time to prove him wrong, lets shout and boo him as much as possible because if we don't he is certain to be here next season, so forget the result.
I am not usually one for protests but he AND THE PRESS HE FLATTERS TO DECEIVE need to have an unambiguous message

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it was taking Sam's trolling as evidence that he knows he's being sacked that is a bit delusional, imo
To be fair, I'm not sure that's what people were saying. I think they were saying that Allardyce talking about next season hould not be taken as evidence that he is staying. There's a subtle difference.

Do you think he should stay?
That's awful paraphrasing. I just watched the press conference and he clearly says maintain 8 th this season.

Next seasons ambition will be determined on the recruitment in the summer, to paraphrase him more accurately

He's brutal I know but we don't need to start making stuff up
Making stuff up?

Go watch it again, at 10minutes 40 seconds hes asked about top 6, he grunts and then says we can maintain 7th or 8th if we get the right recruitment in the summer.

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I thought this was interesting but I don't think Occam's razor can be applied here. Occam's razor is about identifying the most parsimonious explanation, relying on the smallest number of assumptions.

Point 1. It's a coincidence. (assumption 1)

Point 2: We know that these clubs were in trouble, and that they appointed Allardyce. They appointed him because they were in trouble (assumption 1 though it is odd to say it) with structural problems (assumption 2) which continued after he left (assumption 3).

Point 3: Involves additional assumptions about squad building (assumption 1) and whether the problem is recognised in time by the new manager (assumption 2).

You may well be right in practice but not because of Occam's razor. (And I still don't want Allardyce.)
Can somebody please explain this to me in English:)


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Our grand kids will have a boss, or not so boss stadium to sit in though mate.

Hope that's cheered you up.
Yes like Sunderland, Bolton - look where they are now with their boss new stadiums!
The team has to come first and sam is deffo not the man to lead us the football is dire and he has had a hell of lot of luck!
woodwork dodgy pens the football is dire crap etc etc!
It matters!
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