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Ghost Rider

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As much as the Leeds/ Burnley won't win another game or point thought which may be true.

I don't see where we can either. Clearly the past few weeks have left some of the team tired and this fixture pile up hasn't helped.

Should never have come to this point after the games we have just had.


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Got to do the business this Thursday and put this shameful season behind us before we all end up needing treatment in a hospital. Cannot allow it to go to Sunday. I would have to just switch everything off and hide because you just know it will all go pear shaped.

Yes Palace are tough but so are Leicester and Chelsea. Get it done Thursday and put us out of our misery ffs blues.


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I could never bring myself to bet against us in a match, much less to be relegated, but that's a hell of a price.
I know exactly what you mean. Emotionally it’s hard to bet against your own team, but being hard nosed about it, that’s exactly what you should do. It’s win/win.

Wat Tyler

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Nothing convinces me that Everton are capable of another point. The team is depleted and looks out cold.

Final day we wont get a thing at Arsenal and we'll be banking on Brentford.

Palace will spank us, IMO. They'll terrorize that defence of ours.
Agree with this, I really think if we stay up it will be because of other teams not getting the results.

The club is seriously on the brink.


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But there's no actual evidence for that mate. I'm not saying things will be good regardless of us staying up or going down but it's all just guess work at this point. Maybe you're right. I'm just saying that there's enough misery for us to deal with in the present, why waste time worrying about the future based on guess work?

Even then your suggestion that we won't ever come back is true its still a rosy daydream compared to the other poster that was suggesting that we'd do a Bury and the club would die. Again, maybe he's right but he's got no more evidence then I'd have to say that we'll challange for the top four next season! Both of those suggestions are laughable and neither will ever happen.

other clubs is my example mate

i think the whole club would melt
but i maybe wrong

that’s why it’s pivotal as stay up

Wat Tyler

Player Valuation: £60m
Hmmm don't see that really

The mistake at 1-0 was just that, a mistake, from a long ball. A more experienced CB doesn't make that error. But we were playing well.

Then when we did go back in front, we sat really deep because we only had 10 men. So we weren't being too open at all. Brentford just picked us apart and we fell asleep from a corner and Gordon switched off for their winner.
Kid isn’t interested in defending

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