P L Fixtures, 2021 / 2022

The thing about having a good run of fixtures is that inevitably you're going to have a tough run after that - there's only so many "good" fixtures to have before you run out of sides. The Christmas schedule looks very good and there's nothing horrific in the run in. Tougher games at home besides Leicester away - nothing like City away.

Or Newcastle at home, Southampton at home......

Some comments in this thread are a prime example of victim mentality. Nobody is remotely arsed enough about Everton to orchestrate an entire fixture list based on scuppering us. It simply isn't worth it when Everton will scupper it for them.

And fixture lists aren't random. There's multiple logistical issues such as policing resources for a city (Liverpool, Manchester and numerous London clubs) and multiple annual events up and down the country which can have an effect. Play everyone twice and try and ensure travelling support don't have nightmare trips during bank holidays. Though TV coverage will ride roughshod over consideration of the latter.


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Just in case anyone saved the clubs first image - it had Watford H, twice.


This is the correct one;



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not too bad really, and we get nearly all season before the home loss to Brentford

some people on here seem to think they've planned it against us lol, why would they?

if they were going to stitch up any team it would probably be Arsenal, that would actually be funny

Andy McGurk

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Based on the last 4 seasons, there are no such things as easy set of fixtures or hard set of fixtures. Our "easy run in" last season the most recent example.

Just let the new manager "Everton" it up in a new and original way.


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The first fixture I always look out for is the Derby and I see we play at home first again? If that's not fixed I don't know what is.

But I fully expect us to keep bragging rights now for at least 10 years to make up for all the crap they've given us in the previous 10

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