Old Everton Pictures


Player Valuation: £35m
Me too Larbert...
Alan Ball will never be surpassed by anybody in my eyes..that,s probably why i am so critical of the players in Our Club today.
As for The Lawman.. one fine player who probably would have suited most teams in the division.
Respect mate...;);)
.....agreed with the clear exception of the Everton Man that is Séamus Coleman....not surpassing my childhood hero Alan Ball by any means. However he personifies everything that makes me a Blue.


Player Valuation: £70m
Re the Mackay picture
Defo Tommy Doc on the far right top...but is that sat next to Mackay ..A young Denis Law..
He was 10 days off his 19 th birthday when he made his debut for Scotland.
....i’m sure it is, made his debut in 1958, scored 30 goals in 55 games for the Scots. I recall he started his English career at Huddersfield playing alongside Ray Wilson under a certain Bill Shankly.

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