Next manager discussion (poll reset 21/05/2016)

Who would you want?

  • Frank de Boer

    Votes: 302 17.0%
  • David Moyes

    Votes: 56 3.2%
  • Manuel Pellegrini

    Votes: 152 8.6%
  • Ronald Koeman

    Votes: 286 16.1%
  • Other (please state below)

    Votes: 109 6.1%
  • Unai Emery

    Votes: 870 49.0%

  • Total voters
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You never know with Madrid mate, they're a basket case of a club when it comes to their managerial revolving door.

I think we should be hoping for a Madrid victory personally, so that the door remains closed.

Weird that 2 of our targets in this appointment process have potentially rested on 2 games of football. West Ham beating United killed the Mancs CL hopes and thus consigned LvG to the bin, and now Zidane could face the same treatment after tomorrow nights game, both games could end up directly affecting our future. Fine lines and all that.....
Zidane is Reals "crown jewel" - in a way anyways and they wont be sacking him lightly I believe.

The Mighty Quint

Player Valuation: £40m
I just can't see Zidane getting the sack whatever happens on Saturday, it would have to be a humiliating 6-1 or something to even contemplate it, even then, very unlikely.

The Blue Watch

Player Valuation: £10m
Sounds like it is going to be a quiet day today. Emery has stuff to mull over and Real Madrid play tomorrow (if that is a factor in all this). Maybe a day to get on with some work, get some fresh air, chat to your nearest and dearest, watch the cricket or whatever and have a break from all this.

Good idea, have about two weeks of work backed up because of reading this thread.

Professor Toffee

On and on, over the hill and the craic is good
The mole and all the mole puns are going to go down in GOT folklore.
This thread is up there with the Yarmolenko thread and that futbol Ukraine account as well as plane spotting trying to work out if Lukaku was coming to us.

Us Evertonians are a strange bunch
It has yet to meet the dizzying heights of the Kyle Walker/Kyle Naughton saga
Simple days of hating Ballbag face Redknapp
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