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the golden visionary

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Remember when Allardyce sat in the stands he credited himself with the victory over West Ham.

You can tell the true measure of a man by instances like this, Ancelotti very quick to give credit to his predecessor.
we were lower when Carlo took over than we were when gravy veins did, and that fat bisto muncher took over in November, I wonder if the saved them from relegation tag line will be regurgitated this time round


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This shows we have a decent squad. We just needed a manager to get a tune out of them. Hopefully we get some players back from injury soon. The team seemed to be playing with confidence today and that is all down to Carlo. I gave mom to DCL, can't ignore the 2 goals but i also thought Michael Keane had a decent game too after a bit of a shaky start. Onward and upward blues.


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Imagine 3 points at Citeh.

Would completely open up up the chance for Europe for us.

Sheff Utd have Citeh tomorrow
Wolves have Kopites at Anfield
Arsenal have Chelsea

Then when we play city

Wolves have Watford away which Watford could easily take a point if not 3

Sheff Utd have Liverpool at Anfield

Arsenal have Utd


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Doesn’t look quite so bad now does it? Only 4 points off 7th it’s easy enough to make
That up as we have proved 2 wins and you just keep climbing
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