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Until he makes a mistake then we'll all hate him.
Catching the ball from simple crosses would be a start, and a vast improvement.....
Pickford imo now is just a glorified shot stopper,and not that good with his mentality today seemed more interested in winding the crowd up than doing his job he is paid well to do if anyone comes in for him, and its a profit move we sell him on after today...
a truly gash performance - no defence can play in front of that standard of flapping, and poor catching ability......


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What his season is still no excuse but expect us to go to finish as high as possible then we need a busy summer because half this team needs to be gone


What his season is still no excuse but expect us to go to finish as high as possible then we need a busy summer because half this team needs to be gone
There,s honestly not ONE player I would not sell at the right price other than possibly Digne. And as for Ricky!, I MYSELF would look good playing next to Neymar! And I,m 64 !!!!


Player Valuation: £70m
Our lion-hearted heroes got scared and kindly allowed Newcastle to win once it became apparent that we'd actually need to put in some real hard work to get anything from the game.
Our lion-hearts have disappointed again. ...why am I unsurprised?

I’m unsurprised because we support a team of losers. From the top down, Everton is a shambles...


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To be fair, noone on this forum has played at a professional level but some of them looked like they haven't either.

We got out done by tactics and our own inability to close out games.

Silva never helped himself with the subs but christ those players need a look at themselves because they are killing this club.

After the Derby, I thought it's a turning point but it's the same old mistakes and same old excuses.

Honestly what player in their right mind would want to come to Everton unless it's for money so why do we want to get another Walcott or Schneiderlin, players who can't do it for bigger clubs but think we can turn them around.

Seriously use lads out the under 23 and try to get a couple of points then let's go on holiday while Brands just tears up contracts.

Mark O'Silver

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Just about able to post now after about 5 hours of gut-wrenching disappointment.

We bossed that game for 60 minutes. Our forward players linked up well and played some nice joined up football with Bernard in particular shining.
At 1-2 we were still in control, then came that disastrous sub. Whatever about the tactics, Mina was clearly rusty and was involved in the conceding of their 2nd and 3rd goals. That the defeat was in many ways self-inflicted is what grates the most, despite that fact that their 3rd was clearly offside.

Clearly there are lessons to be learned and results are everything, but on reflection there was much today to be positive about. Our defending from set-pieces has improved. The one big negative is that we were not resilient enough to keep the lead, and Silva has to carry the can for that. It has to change, otherwise the manager will lose his job and we will have to start again. However I'm still not ready to give up on him just yet. Let's see what happens for the rest of the season before making a judgement.


Player Valuation: £70m
missed our 1st goal but saw much of the rest of the match at work. I guess the worst of the loss was the fact that when NUFC scored the 3rd goal I really didn't care. Feel terrible for all the fans, but these players aren't worthy of any emotion.

Ring master

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That challenge MOTD showed on the 2nd pen incident they showed for us on Digne-Jenas said its a pen,i missed that Live but not sure it was a pen,but heck who knows anymore lol if that was give v us i would have not been happy really.


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I don't know who you are, you absolute fiddler, but impersonating people online is seriously worrying behaviour.

For others here I'm TheGingerQuiff from and I came on here to read your match thread after the game only to discover this wrong'un. Bizarre.

Anyway thought the ref was stinking today, Pickford should have walked, our winner was offside, you could have had a penalty. Pleased we got the points but Mason wants sacking
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