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brian labone

Player Valuation: £750k
After that performance Silva has to go, if it was my decision (most won't agree) but I would give the job to Arteta and Cahill even for just one season and see how it goes. After all it would cost no money if it did not work out and at least we would have some passion. Providing they would accept a one year deal.


Player Valuation: £10m
The worst thing about today is that I didn't care in the slightest.

I just don't care about Everton. I care infinitely more about City.
I wish I could mate. Im utterly sick of this club... serious question how do you do it? I want city to win but I'll never have an emotional connection like I do with EFC.

whats the secret mate im ready to move into the light.



Koeman spent £130 million

Alladyce spent £47 million

Silva has spent £86 million

Benitez would at the minimum have us comfortably 7th with that kind of money.

You have a decent owner in Ashley mate. He may not throw money at you but he's realised with FFP a top manager is worth their weight in gold and got one in.

We on the other hand have a playboy who thinks throwing money at anything that moves guarantees success.

Not all of us are anti Ashley, he’s a bit of a fool at times and doesn’t realise what he has in front of him, Benitez football isn’t swashbuckling but despite what folk may think we like everyone else just want the hope, we want an owner who wants to improve his club and understand that investment is needed at this level or you die.We respect Benitez as a football man, Ashley is here for a while so we put up with it and yes he got a very good manager in but has mucked him around to the point where we are resigned to losing him. I get why you’d not want him though because of his past.


Omg we’re so embarrassing that Newcastle fans are signing up here to post absolute dross like they’re a meaningful team and haven’t been a running joke in English football for the past few years.

Halcyon days lol

Evening mate, we dont have a meaningful team at all, we have a hitch potch team full of ex championship players and cheap signings, we have just come from 2-0 down and turned you over with a big slice of help from a terrible keeper who thinks he’s better than he is, his thick roots took his mind off his game and lost it for you, we have been a joke for one reason only, Ashley, as fans we love our team and city as you a bit respectful, Everton are a great club who look after their own and treat fans with respect, that’s all we want too.
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