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Inside your head

And relax, for now.

A Saturday 3pm game, jumpers for goalposts, isnt it. On the road we go all the way up to the land of the horse punchers and Rafa Beneathus, thats all they deserve.

A decent point in our last game, we will certainly need to show a little more in attack if we are to grab ourselves 2 away wins on the bounce, something we probably havent done since 87 or something(No, im not checking). Will Silva ring the changes? I doubt it personally, think there might be a tweak or 2, but most players have put down their markers.

Goats 11 to start :

The60k - ZOOOOOMS - Keano - Lucas Carlos
Gans - Big Andre
Brazil -- Cenko -- Brazil​


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Have the relegation duffers come out from under the settee? They will have to wait until next season before reopening that theme. Its all gone quiet.

The binman chronicles

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You just know Rafa will want to exact revenge for us denting the RS's title hopes. What is worse if that does happen that lot will lap it up and say they have won the league by dismissing yesterday's result and using their B team's result against us instead. I'm sure the powers that be would be able to sort them out something.

Let's keep the form going and get a win against jarg Juventus, or is it jarg Notts County? Anyway whatever, it's a crap team that we should be able to put to the sword.


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The clean sheets have to be built on, need to be keeping another here because these have next to nothing up top to hurt you with. I'll go for a scrappy 1-0 win similar to last season but I don't care really as long as it's 3 points.

Still half a chance we can have decent flourish to end the season and finish 7th or 8th which would be acceptable for his first year. As long as we end up in the top half because I don't care how much of a mess the squad may be or how early into a project we are, Everton Football Club should simply NEVER be finishing a season in the bottom half of the table ever.
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