Match Thread Newcastle United v Everton, Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

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I wish I could mate. Im utterly sick of this club... serious question how do you do it? I want city to win but I'll never have an emotional connection like I do with EFC.

whats the secret mate im ready to move into the light.
In 1975, Led Zeppelin came out with my favourite album of theirs -Physical Graffiti - there’s a song on it titled ‘In the Light’
It’s a great song...from a truly great band...

Ring master

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Well done Everton,its always us lol,Every team must look forward to playing us no matter what the record is to add to winning 5 home games for them, in a row for a long time



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Game of the day on sky sports now if anyone is interested. I want to watch Bernie’s magic so have recorded because I’m fuming now.


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Just look at the manner as to how we conceded the third goal. The players should head the ball away first thing first not trying to play this utter joke off side trap. Head the ball away ffs.

Big Fat Sam

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I haven’t seen any of the game...seriously, were we two goals up?...did we lose from being two goals up?
Our lion-hearted heroes got scared and kindly allowed Newcastle to win once it became apparent that we'd actually need to put in some real hard work to get anything from the game.

The Penalty Box Dancer

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Imagine the confidence after last Sunday. Lead 2-0 at Newcastle and lose 3-2. That confidence has gone. That game last Sunday means nothing now because we are likely to lose against Chelsea next week and I really don't know where our next win is coming from. West Ham away will be tough, Fulham away who are fighting will be tough. The teams below us are winning and beating good sides.
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