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Player Valuation: £70m
I've been trying to figure something in my head, and maybe you can help me out, yeah? When a person is insane, as you clearly are, do you know that you're insane? Maybe you're just sitting around, reading "Guns and Ammo", masturbating in your own faeces, do you just stop and go, "Wow! It is amazing how crazy I really am!"? Yeah. Do you guys do that?
What the hell are you talking about?


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I think we started off quite good and got worse as the season went on, we didnt play well for the last 6 months or so of the season, but we picked up results and with 3 weeks of the season left if we would have beaten some quite horrific sides we would have got the POINTS needed, cos you know, points are all that matter in May.
Maybe worth looking into why we didn’t beat those horrific teams.

The complete lack of any visible plan when we had possession of the ball seemed a massive part of it.

Think we were majorly let down by Carlo only seeming to develop a tactic that worked against teams that we could sit back in a low block against.

Dwight K Schrute

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Whats the sudden obsession with kin Potter? lol Twitter awash with edgy bloos "dat der Potter shud be front runner for me doh lad".

Same blokes will be bursting a blood vessel come November when we are 14th in the table under him.
For me, I felt like someone like Potter or Howe would drown managing a club of our size. I think all the managers we've had (at least since Martinez) have seemed overawed at the scale of the job and club - even Ancelotti. And by that, I know that he has managed clubs far bigger than us, but I get the impression he thought it'd be a smaller club than it is.

Marco Silva seemed completely out of his depth. However, I do rate Potter (whereas I don't rate Howe at all) and believe that he has the ability and nous to go right to the top - but everyone has to start somewhere. Guardiola is amazing but his first job was Barca, then Bayern, then City. If you start at the bottom and want to play good football and be a bit different, your task is considerably harder to achieve. But If you start at the bottom, it can really focus and improve you, and if we apply that logic to players like Godfrey, why not to managers?

What Potter did with Osterlund was amazing. I was hugely impressed by his Swansea team and generally like watching Brighton. But I feel like we are in such a mess that my no.1 choice has always been Galtier, followed by Rangnick, followed for Favre because they build and have plenty of experience.

However, the more I think about it, the more I warm to the idea of Potter (although not above the previous 3). I think that most of my fears with him stem from the fact the squad is awful, the club is badly run behind the scenes and that I don't have full confidence in Brands. I feel a manager who has never held a post of this size before may be overwhelmed if those things are not in place for him. However, at some point I feel like we are just going to have to place our trust in Brands and ensure we get a good coach in - which Potter is.

What I would say though is that, if we appoint Potter and it all goes wrong, equal share of the blame has to go to Brands. If they appoint a coach like Potter, the club need to bend over backwards to support him in every other way, otherwise it will be a disaster. But I came to the conclusion that that feeling of unease isn't really a reflection on Potter's ability.

Saint Domingo

Player Valuation: £70m
And then we never did it again! I wonder why...?

The answer to that lies in the amount of investment from the board not in the manager. Pick whatever hipster you want, if you give him a squad miles behind the top 6 and then spend less than the top 6 on improving it, and then you get a load of injuries, what follows next is not going to be mitigated by a bit of pleasing possession round the back 5.


Player Valuation: £70m
The answer to that lies in the amount of investment from the board not in the manager. Pick whatever hipster you want, if you give him a squad miles behind the top 6 and then spend less than the top 6 on improving it, and then you get a load of injuries, what follows next is not going to be motivated by a bit of pleasing possession round the back 5.
There was no top 6 when Moyes was our manager.

That aside, yes the investment thing made it tough, but our investment now really isn't that spectacular. Moshiri has made us competitive in that area, not exceptional. It is still going to take being smarter than other clubs to get where we want to be.


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Generally liking the direction of the rumors with Potter and Galtier. It reflects more what I thought we would be getting under Brands. Likely stronger focus on positive play, development, scouting and competent sell on awareness in transfers. All with upside and an ability to likely replace the coach without altering the entire squad.


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Potter would be the most bland, uninspiring appointment we could possibly make. It just screams mediocrity and no ambition.

I hope Brighton turn us down, how could we possibly go from Carlo to this ?
I know it is hard to accept but we were playing worse football under Carlo for the last chunk of the year than West Brom were under Gravy train. The man needs galacticos, we don't have them and cant get them. Napoli weren't great under him either, only the big fish swam under Carlo. Potter would get a better tune out of our level of player imo


Life's been good to me so far...
The way I see it (hope)

Internal Candidate: 1 option; Ferguson...maybe with a Peter Taylor-esque mentor/translator.

English Candidate: Potter; best of a poor bunch.

Continental Candidate: Galtier...again with the mentor/translator

South American Candidate: Gallardo...again etc.

last but not least...

The Manchurian Candidate: Ray Shaw; likes to play A (queen of) Diamond Formation, has the killer touch...just don't let him play in the card school on the coach on away'll all end in tears
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