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I honestly don't think people are getting how bad it can and most likely will get next year. We have like 3 likable players on the team and even that's a bit of a stretch. We have the most unpopular appointment anyone could have made. If we're not behind the players and DEFINITELY not behind the manager from the off things are going to be really really bad if they don't start as well as last year.

This is going to be a shitshow. The only entertainment I'm going to get until he's sacked is Moshiri getting called out if he's brave enough to step foot in the stadium. And he is going to deserve every boo he hears.


Player Valuation: £70m
Who knows why didn't someone like Chelsea or Arsenal want Klopp before he went to Liverpool?

People just need to give him a chance instead of crying before the milk has actually even been spilt.

If he does crap here sound chase him off but some think doing it now before the season starts will mean Conte decides he wants the job which aint happening it'll be some other loser out of a job like Alladyce/Parker/Howe/Lampard.
They didn't need managers/wanted someone at higher profile. Simple really.

"Some other loser out of a job". We could, I know it's controversial, try to get an employed manager doing well at another club.


Player Valuation: £70m
I don’t believe a single person of this forum ‘wanted’ Benitez. Some of us, not many, could bite our tongues and ‘accept’ it. The vast majority were vociferous and ‘against’ it. No one ‘likes’ the idea of him coming in but it is going to happen anyway, so we may as well get behind him and the team and see what happens....but just remember, Carlo did this to us....
Pretty much this, if we cant back the manager of the club we think we support it says more about us then it does Rafael


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Godd I haven't looked at a picture of Unsworth for a long time. I know its hard, shouldn't comment on people's weight and appearance etc, but if your job is literally elite level sport you have to do better. It's £35 a session for a personal trainer. They could have paid for one for him. Sorry but role models are important.
For anyone working in elite sport his condition is a disgrace , even more so when he his is working , sorry in charge of , the Academy.

How on earth can he advise re fitness and nutrition and be taken seriously.

The same goes for Benitez.

Dad watched Dixie

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Tommye, I'll be surprised if you can manage it. I have tried to walk away in the past, but they keep dragging me back.


Player Valuation: £100k
Anyone heard Jamie Carragher on TalkSport just now?

Jim White asked him what he thought of `Rafael to Everton`. He just starting laughing quite a bit and then said "I`ll just sit back with some popcorn and watch it unfold".

No more needs to be said.....
I heard it and I think that non response wound me up far more than if he’d offered an actual opinion one way or another.
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