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Player Valuation: £1.5m
Not long now


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Player Valuation: £25m
Trying to look on the brightside here lads. He is a defensive coach, however that is where our squad excels if a attacking manager came in I believe it would be worse with this squad which is littered with frauds who cant run.

He criticised the club for acting like a "small club" so who better to try and change the ethos than somebody who has knows exactly what the perception is from outside.

He took this job with everything against him so he may be more cutthroat with the likes of Gylfi, Delph, Gomes, Iwobi etc rather than giving them chance after chance.

WA Toffee

Player Valuation: £40m

I mean, a Bob Paisley or a Klopp or a late 80s era Dalglish would at least bring the prospect of progressive or high energy football on the pitch.

My recollection of Rafael is dour, functional football of the type Ancellotti, Sam and even Moyes served up.

No thanks.

I have had enough of that crap.

So my objection is not so much that he is an RS legend or that he once called us a “small club”.

It is the fact his approach to the game is not what I want to see on the Goodison turf.
Which makes Benitez the perfect choice. Continuity and all that


Player Valuation: £70m
Says you.. he was spot on in the end the bloke was a past it dinosaur.

Yet the same fans slamming him for saying that are burning their season tickets over Benitez being a past it dinosaur.

I just find hypocritical - you either back every manager from the start or you dont but if you dont you cant go around slating other Blues when they do it to a manager you personally like.
Again, having an opinion on a manager is different to telling someone they are right or wrong for expressing that view. I know you don't do nuance, but there is a difference.

Ancelotti got the benefit of the doubt from the fans because of his calibre and because he was likeable.

Employing a 61 year old, who plays attritional football and has a well documented history of falling out with the boards, players, fans of clubs he's managed because he's a petty self interested man - whose most recent achievements have been being unceremoniously sacked from clubs and managing in China aren't something fans are likely to be excited about.


Player Valuation: £8m
I have no issues with appointing Ancelotti. He was clearly the best person available when we had a vacancy. It ended very badly but I'm not going to blame the board for taking a chance on one of the most successful managers of all time.

People can support this appointment if they think it's good but people do not have to support it if they think it is going to go very badly wrong. No one is a better supporter for telling everyone they must get behind Benitez. I will support the team but I will never support this appointment because it has brought a lot of division to the club. He will get a chance to show whether he can do a good job regardless of what people say, but people are very much entitled to think that there are others who could do a much better job under a much more pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere.

Basically, I'm just fed up with others telling me how I should feel about this appointment. I think it's going to be a disaster and I don't like it - call me a crap fan if that's what you think, but I'm not going to change my mind.
I certainly wouldn't try to change anyone's mind, I just think, as a non match going fan (due to age and distance) that I will support the club and the new manager. I understand that for a lot of match going supporters that this would be unacceptable, but it's my opinion.

Nicolas Hill

Player Valuation: £150k
Wouldnt have been my first choice...however he clearly has the balls and confidence to think he can be successful. He clearly isnt in it for the money, because he quite simply doesnt need it......
Conclusion...Nobody in their right mind goes into such a High Profile job without belief. He will be aware of the resentment over the appointment and yet he still wants to take the job on...fair play to him...he gets my support because he will be the manager of Everton
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