More than 29,300 season tickets renewed

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That's according to anyway

This season’s renewal campaign, sold on the back of the evocative and emotive ‘home’ PR strategy, has resulted in the highest ever number of renewed Season Ticket holders.

More than 29,300 fans renewed before the deadline.

That is renewals, fans who have sat through some of the most fraught football of recent seasons, and supporters willing to nail their colours to the Royal Blue mast even before the club processes any new applications.

This level of renewal, coupled with the number of fans the club already has on a waiting list, means that the Blues will almost certainly achieve the maximum number of sales possible under Premier League rules for the second season in succession.

Hitting this cap last season - and almost certainly this - is the result of steady year-on-year increases in season ticket sales rather than an overnight surge.
It seems that those on social media saying they won't renew while Allardyce is still in charge are a vocal minority.


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Doesn’t surprise me....despite the obvious frustration Everton is still a very well supported club and the fans are loyal enough to put up with year on year of pain.
Sadly I live too far away to have a season ticket but if I was closer then I’d want one. And regret it each week. And renew each season.
There must be a joke there. What do you call 29,300 masochists.....


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TBH, I could walk away from football. The money they earn went beyond obscene at least 20 years ago & gets more obscene every year. Players who would die for the shirt are none existent these days. We renewed though. We always do.

I will be very surprised & disappointed if Sam & Walsh are here beyond this season though.
And the club knows it
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