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Homepage Update: Mirallas departs Blues for Olympiacos

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by Tom Ferguson, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. marnie

    marnie Player Valuation: £40m

    Born and raised in Liverpool now living in Rhodes.
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  2. amalias

    amalias Player Valuation: £500k

    Wow, from one side of Europe to the farthest side of the other! Beautiful island! I visit the Cyclades most years because they are all fairly close together and not too far from Athens. lol However I really want to see Simi and Rodos.
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  3. Ihaters

    Ihaters Player Valuation: £40m

    Gutted, big fan of Mirallas, hope he does well..
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  4. hktoffee

    hktoffee Player Valuation: £70m

    Still no details about the deal?

    Do we get a loan fee?

    Is this a loan with option to buy. If so how much?
  5. Tel001

    Tel001 Player Valuation: £20m

    Ancient Greece sounds awsome.. kill some Persians, get blind drunk then go around worshiping and spotting women.
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  6. amalias

    amalias Player Valuation: £500k

    Yea. When people think of Western Civilisation - a lot of the time they wonder off into Mozart, Dickens and Jesus's teachings. This is because we allowed the Abrahamic desert religions of the Chrismusjews to dominate the West..

    I always saw the foundation stones of Western Civilisation as inspired by Pagan Ancient Greece. Getting smashed on wine - and worshipping the right to get smashed - even having a God of wine who was one of the 12 Olympians...attending festivals... going out to the movies..(Ancient Greek Theatre)... worshipping sport (Olympics, endless sporting competitions - every town had 100s of gyms) and worshipping beauty (ancient Greeks even had beauty contests..) and then at the end of it getting vote on what you think the direction of the country should be.. The Christians were - and still are horrified of ancient Greece and ancient Rome - however - the core soul of a european - for the most part - is still in 5th Century Athens. Work, pleasure - the worship of technology and as much intellectualism as you can handle. But I believe we are getting off subject!
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  7. Bob Elstone

    Bob Elstone Player Valuation: £2.5m

    Glad he's gone.

    Complete waste of talent.
  8. SiEdmo

    SiEdmo Player Valuation: £1m

    is right, I was right haha, I feel I deserve to grow a big white beard now as testament to my prophetic ways
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