Homepage Update: Mirallas departs Blues for Olympiacos

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by Tom Ferguson, Jan 7, 2018.

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    Mirallas departs Blues for Olympiacos

    Kevin Mirallas has ended his five and a half year stint at Everton by returning to Olympiacos initially on loan until the end of the season.

    Olympiacos have the option to make the move permanent after the loan has expired for a fee rumoured to be in the region of £4 million.

    The Blues, back when David Moyes graced the Goodison hot seat, paid the Greek outfit £6 million in the summer of 2012 for the Belgian.

    Mirallas made 186 appearances for the Toffees, netting 38 times.

    But he’ll always be remembered for what could’ve been... it was clear Mirallas had ability in his locker, but getting it out of him on a consistent basis turned out to be mission impossible.

    The attacker, who has been capped 56 times by his country, managed to fall out with all five managers he worked under at the club.
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  2. originalgreaserbob

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  3. Penno

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    Tara, make sure the door doesn't slam your backside on the way out.
  4. sageyefc

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    Confirmed by the club yet?
  5. Bungle

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    It's a shame he didn't decapitate Suarez but I'll always appreciate him giving it a go.

    Goodbye Kevin xx
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    When you say they have the option to buy after the loan that don't half sound like he will be back for pre season training in a few months.
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  7. hktoffee

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    Loan with the £4m option to buy?
    £4m loan?
    £4m perm?
    £5m perm?

    Waiting for the official announcement. No one knows anything at this moment.
  8. messymascot

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    When he played on the right wing in his first 2 seasons he was very good. However after that most of his games came on the left where he just had an obsession with cutting inside and shooting all the time. I think this was partly down to the player wanting to play there but also the obsession many managers now have with wingers playing on the opposite side.
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    Finally, the biggest piece of deadwood this Club has had to endure for many a year is being turfed. Absolutely stolen a living from Everton the massive fraud.
    Good news at last.
  10. caught

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    Sums him up for me. When Suarez decided to take Mirallas out he studded his foot and ended the game for him. The ref never saw it. When Mirralas tries to do it in revenge he lunges in studs high in the middle of the pitch right in front of the ref and didn't even injure him.

    He was even sh*t at being a snide.
  11. Daveysgingerlovechild

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    Are we going to see a bear poking "goodbye and good luck Kev" thread? No? Shame.
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  12. Eggs

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    ...good player, poor professional.
  13. yakublue

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    Good news. Need to ship out a few more highly paid wasters
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  14. Walken

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    clearly not the easiest to manage, a bit inconsistent which is the nature of these players, but had some very good spells where he was brave in possession and took it to the opposition without fear or respect, also turned up for derbies and his snapping of suarez was glorious. A lot of talk about how we can win a derby, well these are the kind of players who aren't scared of playing at anfield, they might not be easy to manage and might not even be the most likeable people, but if you are happy in mid table with a good set of lads who all shake the oppo's hand before the game, then fine, if we want to move forward and compete our fans might just have to accept these sort of personalities a bit more and not set against them so much, albeit more talented versions, but there is certainly a lesson there for us.
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  15. Moomin

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    Very hit and miss. Cracking player on his day, one of the few who would turn up in a derby.

    Good luck Kevin, thank you for the memories.

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