Match Thread Millwall v Everton, FA Cup 4th round, Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

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Its all Paul Mersons fault again for tipping us to win the cup lol,as i said friday he tipped us to win the cup few years ago and we went out the next day,hes cursed us as well as us been cursed and playing crap-infact the 3 teams he tipped to do well all lost on the one day few years ago, cant remember the other 2


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The thing that hurts the most is that Millwall were and are dreadful. The fact we got pinned back for the last 10 minutes of the game shows how mentally weak this group of players are. No one to calm things down and get a grip, we genuinely struggled to string a pass together because we were so panicked.
That's what worries me, you saw it against Wolves, Bournmouth, Arsenal, Man United and the RS, that we break under pressure. This is why I'm worried about us, it's one thing to be simply awful like last season, but at least we could hold on for results such as City away, RS away and a few of the early Allardyce games. To concede twice right after scoring is just ridiculous and to then concede in the last minute in even worse. I remember under Moyes when were praised by other teams to being so resilient, now we're just so easy to beat. Against Leicester and Brighton we didn't look like getting an equaliser, despite having more than enough time to get one. Southampton was the same last week. We'll gonna probably need another emergency appointment like last season to get us out of the mess. Martinez was rubbish at defending, but he could attack, we could still easily get goals, it was at the back we had a problem.


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Seen the lad with the slash across his face. Looks like the dark old days and there's no need to return there. Was in goodison in the gwladys 1972 5th round fa cup game against millwall when 2 millwall fans were put in hospital and needed surgery after getting stabbed and loads of them got slashed in the face with Stanley knives. Absolutely crazy back then it was. That's what it reminded me of today. As for the game itself I think the fans who traveled should be refunded. Disgraceful.


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Well. Been in work. Kinda glad I was.

Knew we would lose though, Silva hasn't got a clue.
That's the problem, we cannot keep getting used to losing and keep 'looking forward'. That is BS. Apply the same standards as the Redshite would. Silva doesn't have a clue, winging it got us to where we are now and at considerable expense. Yes the football is nicer to watch/more expansive than BigFatScam but it is still Martinez mark 2 light. Still [Poor language removed] defending and nothing changes. Brands needs to fire him within the next month if results are not delivered (this pressure model is what we are committed to) and move on to a manager who can defend AND attack within an expansive football philosophy! Maybe appoint someone who actually proved he could do so, it's not like we are a cheap employer...

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