2019/20 Marco Silva

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I understand your point and this ain’t me defending silva or the team. But Leicester scored early like we did but straight after the goal Bertrand was sent off. Playing 10 men makes a difference now I agree Leicester could of won that game 5-0 regardless.They have a striker who scores we lack one. We should of been at least 3-0 up at half time. Now last week same Southampton team nearly took a draw at city. Yes they are poor and one of the favourites to go down as it’s looking. But for me was a good result and performance especially when where lacking confidence and missing key players. Now the team needs to take into Norwich. But I understand your frustration.
True, and it gives the team something to build on. But the triumphalism seems premature at best!


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Nothing game this week.

We beat a team that got beat 9-0 only a couple of weeks ago. Here nor there, it's games like this that would have been alarm bells.

The chance to sack him has gone , so now we have to back him as a fan Base. He is here all season so let's hope he delivers a trophy now

roy vernon

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I am not against Silva staying until a proper manager has been identified and tied down, sacking him now could lead to an appointment like Fat Slimy Sam. If we have found the man to take us forward long term then, by all means, sack him. If not just tell him he must never select Iceland over Iwobi at no. 10 again, also he needs to realize Richarlison is a centre forward not a wide man.
Meanwhile the search for his successor must go on, I don’t think he is cut out for Everton in the medium or long term.


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6 league games, with 5 very tough ones, til our Boxing day fixture against Burnley. Would say we need to get 9 to 12 points from that if we want any chance of salvaging the season and a top 7 finish.


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3 points are what all Everton supporters crave but there are genuine concerns. One win against tripe like Southampton does not mean we are on the right track yet.
Tripe like Southampton have already taken all 3 points off us this season -- and such tripe have also beaten the League Champions.


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And then were pretty unlucky to get beat AT Man City.
Wut? City had 75% possession and 20 odd attempts at goal. Southampton got their goal and then had 11 behind the ball. There was nothing unlucky about it. They were lucky it wasn't 9-1.

Tipp blue

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Out players are well suited to a Liverpool style of play we have some very fast players but play possession based football. If we can get the counter attacking style working we'd be far better off. Someone tell Marco that I've figured it out.
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