2019/20 Marco Silva

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I've just heard the news on the Arsenal - Brighton pre-match. Tony Adams says Silva is getting the blame but the directors do the recruiting and
they're to blame. He said that Iwobi was a poor buy, and he should know, and that Silva hasn't been given a replacement for Lukaku. Maybe, but I still think he could've got more from Kean. Not 20 goals a season levels - yet - but enough to get the forward structure more efficient. Marco is a lovely man and I wish him
well in the future.

Who are you his boyfriend?


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I don’t post often, but just frustrated reading some of the posts on Dunc - how any true Everton fan can take a pop at him is beyond me...the guy bleeds blue. The club lacks leadership we need some steel and I can't think of anyone better than Duncan to instill that belief. On Silva just think he was out of his depth, personally I hope that the club cut dead wood pay out contracts and get rid. We have far too many journey men. Moshiri needs to bring in the Russian and get him to spend some.of his £128 billion


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Let’s keep it here please;

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