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Player Valuation: £70m
I think the last 4 games sum this team up, Too inconsistent and I can't really blame Silva for yesterday's loss he picked the same team that won 3 on the bounce against two top 6 sides
which speaks volumes
what else could he have done to win yesterday? Not his fault Dom didn't slot etc
He could have not played a 36 year old Jagielka, when he had a 26 year old England international on the bench.


Player Valuation: £10m
Would you bet on it not happening? I know this squad of cowards all too well, and they’re led by a manager who can’t string a consistent run of form together.
Or its a bunch of players who cant string a consistent run of results together. Last week every player played well, this week not one player played well. Same tactics, same formation, same players. Do the math.


Player Valuation: £8m
Its not all Silva's fault however its clear he hasnt the qualities to take us past 8/9/10th at best in the table. Tactically he struggles during matches where his in game management is non existant if things are not going right / opposition managers switches things up.

Everyone saw Jags bullied all first half why wasnt he changed?

His subs are always poor and late

We never come from behind to win

I still think he'll get next season but I honestly cant see much improvement on this season. I just hope the ones who attack anyone who dares question the manager have the balls to come on here and admit they were wrong if he's punted. I'll happily do the same if he wins us a cup or takes us into europe next year.


Player Valuation: £70m
I’m convinced it is a mental problem in this team, I said on here last week that I was still interested to see what would happen when we conceded, well, now we know. This team, although they have loads of ability, have a very fragile mental attitude. At the first sign of a setback in a game ‘heads drop’.

We need a very strong character in that side, a winner who will demand that they keep their heads up when things are not going their way, more easily said than done I know, but, I am sure that Brands and Silva are aware of the problem and are trying to bring in just such a player.
this is it as well for me, which is why i don't go OTT in my criticism of silva, he could be a fantastic coach, but he can't get anywhere because of the fragile nature of the players. We need to buy proper leaders, all very well having talent, but none of them have the right mentality. We're supposed to have captains in this squad, some of which captain their national side, but as you say, as soon as we concede they crumble because they're fragile. Yet we keep firing and hiring new managers and we've gone nowhere in four years.


Player Valuation: £70m
Or its a bunch of players who cant string a consistent run of results together. Last week every player played well, this week not one player played well. Same tactics, same formation, same players. Do the math.
Different tactics for different teams. It has happened far too many times this season.


Player Valuation: £70m
zzzzzzzzzzz is this the stick you're using to beat him with, Michael Keane starting doesn't ignore the fact we had one shot on target
Jagielka being run ragged set the tempo for the entire game. He literally should have subbed him after 5 minutes.

Losing to a relegated team, who were on a 9 game losing run, coupled with getting knocked out the cups to terrible Southampton and Millwall teams.

A lot more bad than good, this season.


Player Valuation: £40m
Silva deserves some criticism, but do folks on here honestly think the players on this side are better than the other midtable teams? I sure don't.


Player Valuation: £8m
that's Everton for the last 5-10 years can't be solely placed on Silva
We had much more steel under moyes however I agree mentality we have been weak for a good number of years now and hasn't been helped by the ownership coming out with outrageous comments like "expected losses".

Being honest though look at the managers we have employed and its easy to see why.

RS were mentally weak for many years under the likes of Woy, Brenda its only once they went for a top notch manager that they have started to tighten up.

We definitely need a leader on the pitch no question about that but we also need a leader in the dug out who the fans feel comfortable with being able to change things around. I think most fans at 1-0 yesterday knew it was game over and thats the problem if we feel that I imagine the players do aswell.


Player Valuation: £70m
this isn't related to the team having one shot on target against Fulham
Of course it is, Jagielka, and Coleman, tbf, being run ragged meant that we had to concentrate on containing them more than being able to attack them.

It was a mistake that should have been rectified at HT. How he never did it is beyond me.

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