Managing Expectations and ‘That Lot’

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Baines' left foot

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I saw this interesting bit in Garth Crook’s team of the week on the BBC website. What do blues think on this?

Bernard: This was a performance reminiscent of Everton legend the late, great Alan Ball. Bernard was full of energy and ingenuity. All 5ft 4in of him ran the show at Goodison Park against Watford.

Everton currently lie eighth in the table with Bournemouth above them after two games. The problem with Everton is managing expectations.

Should the Toffees finish in the top six then their manager survives. Anything short of that then Everton's fans will start asking their usual questions. It's unfortunate for Marco Silva that Liverpool are doing so well but that's what this is all about.


Player Valuation: £70m
That's about 500 words too concise to be a genuine Garth Crook's quote. I call bogus.

Surely Garth Crooks can remember his own playing days, and that he would never have been a player we would have considered; we were a level or three above his abilities. You'd think the Tottenham side he played for was the same standard as one that could get into CL finals.

A grade A moron whose verbosity does not hide his gormlessness. Our expectations should be a consistent push towards challenging for the league and silverware. It might not be this season, but as long as I can see us improving and becoming ever more competitive, I will give Silva plenty of time.


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It's unfortunate for Marco Silva that Liverpool hat Liverpool are doing so well
Why is it? Why do we have to put ourselves against them every time yes they're our rivals but this is getting ridiculous, They've assembled a good team over the years under Klopp and Silva has had to inherit a Koeman mess with stinkers like Mirallas/Martina still at the club, Brands and Silva have had two seasons to try and get a team together that still isn't finished either.


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Liverpool are irrelevant. If we improve that's all that matters.
in theory yes I agree totally but we have bubbleheads amongst our fan base who have to drag them in to it all the time. When the images of BM were released there was plenty on here who were posting things like "ah the kopites heads will fall off" they are European champions ffs beating the likes of Barcelona etc en route they honestly don't give a [Poor language removed]. Garth Crooks has always been a divvy but that brass neck comment the other year still grinds my gears


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Garth Crooks is a divvy but it's true that we will always compare ourselves with the rs. It's only natural as they are in the same city as us. City had the same issue with Utd and managed to overcome it, as have Spurs with Arsenal. Our medium term goal must be to overtake the rs. However our goal for this season is to be better than last season.

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