Just one player short of a really quality side!

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Player Valuation: £35m
In my opinion we should try our hardest to buy Michu from Swansea. This guy is class and would sit behind Jelavic, I think he would add more goals than Fellaini but also be more creative. Plus it allows Felli to go back to his best position IMO.

Would love to see this :-

Coleman Jags Distin Baines

Fellaini Gibson

Mirallas Michu Pienaar




Player Valuation: £1m
Wheres the £15m coming from?
Need a quality goalie first, useless howard has cost us atleast 10 points this season. Michu isnt realistic he'll go to Atletico to replace Falcao

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Player Valuation: £10m
I think we are a good few players away from being a quality side.

Despite this being 'our best squad in 25 years', an accolade that has been attributed to every one of our squads since the 2007/08 season, we are still going to end up finishing between 6th and 8th.

Quality sides, or even those that are anywhere near being a quality side, don't end up finishing 6th, 7th or 8th.

Average sides with average squads end up finishing 6th or 7th.



What we needed are the following;

New Goalkeeper -- BUTLAND (Birmingham)
New ball playing centre back
Defensive midfielder -- Wanyama (Celtic)
Centre Forward -- Benteke

I think we need those 4 positions covered and possibly another wide player.


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Player Valuation: £70m
We're more than one I think.

New GK
Coleman Jagielka New CB Baines
Mirallas Gibson Fellaini New winger
New striker Jelavic


Player Valuation: £100m
disagree, he doesn't do a lot else apart from his goals. reminds me very much of a taller cahill. he would not improve our play in any way. one answer is this young lid called ross barkley though who wouldn't cost anything. If we had 15 mill to spend benteke would be a boss signing

Essex Blue

Player Valuation: £10m
Its all opinion of course but for me... we already are a quality side.

It is indeed all opinion, but how can a side that will most likely finish between 5th and 8th be deemed to be 'quality'?

We have an average side IMO, one that is littered with average players throughout.
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