Transfer Rumour Juan Mata

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Player Valuation: £70m
I know I have the persona as a doom merchant but this just doesn't seem as far along as was suggested yesterday IMO
It was all from foreign journos on twitter lad, and a lot of people jumped on and now will be disappointed. It's like the Koeman deal all over again.

Genuinely, calm down about things.

It's general practice that a player/manager isn't the one who deals directly with the club, but it will be done through their agent(s) and parent club.


Player Valuation: £8m
Part of being an EFC fan I suppose, but I can't help being over-optimistic and stupid, thinking we're going to boss everything and win the treble LOL. The other part of being a blue is mood swings, and at the same time we're still being linked to the same people that West Ham, Stoke are going for, as well as ex-top 4 or ex-Championship players. So what is really changing? We can't expect Man City, Chelsea, type signings, so I think my realistic expectation is:

- 1 X Star / Marquee who is an AM or LW
- 1 X First Choice GK
- 2 X quality replacements for the likes of Ossie, Pienaar and the others leaving. 1 X CM, 1 X Back up striker
- Let go of / Sell Robles, Cleverley & Kone
- Promote Garbutt, Galloway, Browning, Davies, Dowell to First Team Squad.

Queue the abuse / criticism


I feel this is going to happen,nearly every paper has some story about it.

Sign him and we'll have a bonafied world class talent in our ranks,something the RS can't even do.

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