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Player Valuation: £8m
It feels a bit like when City first bought Hart in.

Pickford for us at this time in our hopeful trajectory is just a perfect fit


Player Valuation: £60m
I mean, sure, we could have waited, we could have had a sniff at that Croat at Genk for much less, we could have waited for City to give Hart away, we could have done all manner of things, but what we did was the most unEverton thing ever, we spoke to the club, we agreed a fairly high price and we got the deal done.

For years its what we have wanted, get the deal done Everton, for years we have walked away, gone for the cheaper option, but nope, not this time.

30m isnt even a lot in this market, chicken feed.

Imagine he's utterly outrageous at the Euros and City come along and say hello Jordan here is $847 million, oh you want pounds? okay here is £1623 million this is your signing on fee thank you.


Player Valuation: £20m
I went on some Sunderland forums to get an idea how good he is cos I had no idea what he's like really.

They seem to really rate him. Great reflexes, commanding in his area (although he does punch a lot as he's not the tallest, but normally punches it well). Can be prone to the odd mistake but they think that's mostly due to his lack of experience more than anything. Said his distribution is amazing and he does those side volleys to players feet\in front of them a lot.

A lot think he has the potential to play for England. Sounds like he should be a good buy judging by their comments.

Fingers crossed.


Player Valuation: £8m
Erm mate, City bought Hart for 100k.

I'm talking about the timing and potential of both keepers at similar stages of thier journeys.

Ended up being thier keeper for many years and establishing himself as England no 1. Think this will be the same with Pickford


Player Valuation: £500k

Just leaving this here
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