2018/19 Jordan Pickford

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stretford blue

Player Valuation: £8m
He was an accident waiting to happen in the first half and the manager or the captain should have been on at him to calm down and focus on the job but unfortunately the manager does not seem the type and we have no leader/captain in the dressing room


Player Valuation: £40m
Poor shot stopper, almost all his shot stopping is parrying back into the danger, amateur at this level, I’ve seen him doing this for 4 Seasons in a row without rectifying this stupid tendency.

Erratic decision making close to being a clown like bathez at the end of his career at times.

I say again for a premiere league keeper he is letting in an awful lot of savable goals, that’s the hallmark of a poor keeper whatever way you look at it.

Just because he spectacularly flip and turn his body in midair while making some save does not mean he is spectacular keeper.

When we are trailing games, he often took his time with goal kicks as if trying to hog the television limelight.

World Cup absolutely send his ego beyond repair.


Player Valuation: £80m
If you're Virginia and see that clown's performances week after week, you surley go knocking on the manager's door and ask why he's still picking that chimpanzee over you.


Official GOT Joey Speak Interpreter.
See your point. At this stage, kinda like we have to keep playing him so that he will improve enough for us to be able to sell him!

I know people say he's arrogant, but I never really knew what they meant until this game.

Saw him in the tunnel at the start of the game, and he did come across to me as a cocky chav who fancies himself as a bit of a hard nut.

Seeing this vid, only confirmed it. Swaggering off after that game!

Its all front obviously but he's letting his ego get the better of him which is a sign of immaturity. You don't engage with the opposition fans!

NUFC fans were trolling him all game, (you could hear them whenever he kicked the ball) but he brought it on himself by rising to the bait, and therefore turned the whole crowd against him, which only made things harder for himself, and got him more riled up, than he already was!

I worry that if other opposition fans see how easily he can be played like this, how long before they'll all be winding him up?

He's basically ensured he'll get a hard time whenever he returns to newcastle now, as he played right into their hands.

He has become the Jamie Vardy of goal keepers, a pikey rat.

Up until yesterday I have sat on the fence over him, hoping that he would get his head down, work on his weaknesses and sort himself out.

He has done non of those things, if anything he has become more erratic, much more of a bellend and generally an all round unlikable pikey .

I reckon come the next Ingerland game he is in for a nasty shock.


Player Valuation: £80m
He'll do it again....soon.

It;'s not even in any doubt. We all know it.

A gormless Mackem man-child who costs us points.

I dont expect us to get any decent money for him. Just take what's on offer, pay his contract up and get him out the door.
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