2018/19 Jordan Pickford

Problem that people don’t seem to be able to comprehend is that nobody will want him off us.

He’s another one to add to the list that we won’t be able to get rid of.

We won’t be getting another first choice keeper in while he’s here.

We are stuck with him I’m afraid. I question how he is coached as well. Do we even have a keeper coach these days? Because Pickford needs one. Badly.


Player Valuation: £5m
Its not just about him and his mistakes - its the fact that his behaviours seem to be indulged. He comes across as thick, classless and arrogant but above that it seems that he has a bit of clout in the dressing room.... now for me as much as I hate that strutting VVD for that lot across the park - he would have had him pinned against the post for some of the nonsense he has been doing.

I noticed that after his penno save not one player even so much as gave him a thumbs up - no doubt there is an element of disharmony amongst them.

His goalkeeping and chav-like behaviour is not fitting for our club - get him gone asap. Sell for anything we can get for him. It also points to the problem that we have no leader who will address this man child.

On a serious not it is very very clear that he has some form of Tourette's or ADHD - there is no escaping that. Tim Howard had Tourette's and dealt with it in an admirable way - this lad reeks of something that is getting in the way of his profession. I actually believe I have undiagnosed ADHD myself - many people probably - have but I get the feeling that this lad gets stimmed up on red bull. NFL players apparently take adderall and it helps them quickly analyse situations - obviously it is open to abuse for this reason but a person who genuinely needs this to block out such erratic behaviour absolutely should.


Player Valuation: £60m
He was god awful mate.

But I can’t be arsed talking about how and our keepers were.

The problem is they still are.
Same here mate i'm sick to the craw with it. But at this point wish Robles was still here as Stek is worse than any of them.


Player Valuation: £10m
I think he may be OK when he matures in about 5 years. Until then, sadly he is a liability. We only have Stek until the season's end. It is hard for a goalie to regain his place after indifferent displays, I mean that generally and am not harping on that fluke at Anfield. New keeper wanted in May, or he gets fixed with psychiatric counselling/treatment.

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