2018/19 Jordan Pickford

Jordan Pickford - 2018/19 Player Performance Thread

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The problem Courtois has with criticising people is that now he will have to be flawless. Any mistake, any unnecessary leg movement he makes will be jumped on.

Should have kept his mouth shut really.


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In my dreams - Belgian v England final. Courtois makes a howler and concedes the winning goal, Pickford plays a blinder and makes last minute save to win the World Cup :pint2::pint2:
Before the tournament started I fancied a England v Belgium final but didn’t have a set of gonads big enough to lump on.

Looks a distinct possibility now.


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Find it so strange watching England, as an Australian I have no care whether they do well or not, but whenever the balls goes towards goal I want Pickford to save it as much as if he was in the Everton goal. Find myself accidentally supporting England.
To be honest that’s most Everton fans. The main fear I had ahead of this tournament was that Pickford had his confidence wrecked by the horrible media over here, instead he seems to be getting hero status after the pens. I’ve not been able to support England through the John Terry, Stevie G gang of horrible shits years but we’re a lot more likeable now so that helps!