2020/21 JonJoe Kenny

Barnfred 55

Player Valuation: £70m
I think the problem with us is that rightly or wrongly we are too quick to judge players
Kenny under Big Sam and Marco’s tenure had a decent run of games and played well.
I always want our homegrown players to make it here.
I hear some comments saying he’s garbage etc. He’s not garbage at all and some players need time and games
That doesn’t happen here as a fan base because we are too impatient and everything in the Premiership is about the here and now.
This lad was excellent in the youth games for England at all levels. Also played right and left back. The only negative is that he lacks a bit of pace.
Some players get picked regardless though. Because Pickford and The Icelandic statue still get games whatever.
For garbage on here read "homegrown and not world class".

Or for some "just not world class"

There is no in between.


Player Valuation: £1m
Because the players that had filled in form him in the interim had done a decent job. It’s serendipitous for sure, but the logic makes sense.
The team went to a back five rather than play a back 4 with him as a right back. We played terribly and had our worst run of results. Iwobi did well as a right wing back, team played poorly and we even gave Tom Davies a random game at right wing back in that sequence.

Yeah we went to the back 4 with Godfrey and holgate, the team have been winning and as you say that’s just the way it goes. The issue I had was that period when Carlo went to a back 5 and played players in completely new positions rather than play kenny that was the issue.

Bruce Wayne

Player Valuation: £70m
yet we keep him on top wages when he is clearly past his best - look he's been a great player for us, but since his injury which was horrific he is finished imo we keep the oldies and send out the youth .... a poor policy ...... which has been going on for an age......
I agree Joe, it's barmy when we prioritise the old over the young imo.


Player Valuation: £1m
Most likely scenario is Carlo watched him play watched him train and made his mind up that he is utterly poo
Carlo’s obviously not been impressed and who am I to question his opinion.

All i’m saying is I don’t think he got a fair crack at the whip. We’ve been in dire straights at points at right back, even if Carlo doesn’t think he’s good enough long term, he is after all a right back. He chose Tom Davies as right wing back in one game instead of Kenny.


Player Valuation: £100m
Just scored.

GOAL Rangers 2-0 Celtic
Jonjoe Kenny O.G

Joe Aribo dances past Diego Laxalt and then cleverly delays his cross before firing the ball into the near post, where Ryan Kent applies the finish.

Or does he? On second viewing, it looks like the touch actually came from defender Jonjoe Kenny.


Player Valuation: £8m
Coleman when hes 40 will still be better then kenny .. who i wanted to do well but every time I've seen him hes been poor apart from the game rooney scored the hat trick against west ham

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