2020/21 JonJoe Kenny


Player Valuation: £70m
I think it was Burnley who wanted him and bid £9M for him, the deal looked like it was going through but Everton wanted £10M and wouldn’t budge from that, Kenny wanted the move, he just wants to play regular first team football so he grabbed at the chance to play first team football at Celtic. I think he picked the wrong club, Celtic are a downward period after being so long at the top, up in Scotland

Really hoping we didn’t turn down £9m for him. We’ll be lucky to get £5m in the summer.

Cameron Manning

Player Valuation: £20m
Really hoping we didn’t turn down £9m for him. We’ll be lucky to get £5m in the summer.
Well it was in the papers, lots of them, that Burnley wanted him, Jonjo wanted to go to Burnley, the reason he didn’t go was because the clubs couldn’t agree on the fee. Now I couldn’t guarantee that the fee Burnley offered was £9M but it was stated in the papers that’s what is was, so I will just leave it there.


Player Valuation: £1.5m
Lads he's been very average up here, but at the same time so has the whole Celtic team.
£5m tops or use as bait for a raid on the championship


Player Valuation: £70m
They don't rare him
Other than Coleman who sadly via that very bad injury he is still our leading rightback we have rare no cover for him ATM John Jo is not that rare player no they don't rate him in an easier league ..... :D
Yet in Germany he looked very good , but how good is that league? Compared to the prem ?
We need any new player to be in the Godfrey mold young, & fast with talent - not an old has-been..,..


Player Valuation: £70m
I must admit before his injury he looked the business then went out on loan in Germany ......I honestly got it wrong, the reports from Celtic are not that good ....-
I really would not take too much notice of the fans reports.
JJ Kenny was asked to step into a team that had underperformed all season, the Celtic fans would have hoped to get somebody who was going to life the whole team.
Such a player would not be loaned to them in the first place.
I just think it cements for us that he won't be at Everton next season but I think he may well join a promoted club and I still think Burnley may have an interest.


Player Valuation: £150k
Got alot of grief off Celtic fans over his Aberdeen display. Seen him a few times on sky sports for Celtic and he has been poor at fault for the old firm goal a few weeks back. Can't see him playing for Everton again.

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