January Transfer Window 2023

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His reward could be conditional upon our survival. No brainer to me - though I'm not sure Dyche would feel the same.
Yeah, never gonna happen. That ship has sailed. It was great watching him a blue shirt but it was a case of diminishing returns as the season went on, and he hasn’t got any better in the last two years

Wouldn't trust the board to bring anyone good in, even if we got 100m for Gordon. Could have had Kim Min Jae at centre back for 20m. He went to Napoli and obviously they're top and look like they're winning the league for rhe first time in 35 years.

Then you look at the quality we actually spent our money on in the summer.
Kim Min Jae off to Man U for 50 million.
I do, I've been there on numerous occasions.

Your side is better than Bournemouths, Southamptons and Leeds at the least, It's hard for you lot to see it at the moment because of the run of form you have been in and the mismanagement off the field. Your situation is salvageable but you need to get the next appointment right so they can keep you up and have a serious clear out in the summer.
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